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Click Offers

Click Offers is a browser extension that gives you automatic discounts and the best offers on the internet. It's easy, just install and enjoy!


Do you know when you want to know more about a product you just had seen, but have no mood for googling it? Let our robots help you.


We're preparing apps, sites... Everything that can help you to feel comfortable and safe when going to an e-commerce. That's our job!


Imagine not looking for coupons when you want discount in a store. Or knowing if a price is really cheap. Or having someone (ok, something) to help you while buying. Yep, you got to the right place.

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    Automatic discounts

    Do you really have time to find coupons? Our robots do, so we just give you the chance to relax while we search and test if the discounts work with your purchase when you're checking out.

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    Best Offers

    You trust the store you always go to, right? So we'll help you by showing its best offers and we also highlight when a product is an unmissable opportunity or it's not thaaat cheap.

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    We'll give you an assistant for buying, tell when you have free shipping, show the best offers all over internet. One thing at a time, we'll deliver more things to help you.

Want it? Let's install!

Well, we're available just in Brazil by now, but we'll soon be everywhere you decide to be!

*Works on Chrome browsers

Portugal & Brazil